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Your Love Awakening Pack includes:

  • The password to unlock the content of the love awakening program
  • 3 forbidden fruit pills and 3 blue pills that are not part of the sale but are a free gift
  • A picture of Morpheus from the Matrix to show that the pills are memorabilia of the Matrix films


For legal reasons, we must say that the intention of sending you the free gift of the forbidden fruit pills is for decorative purposes only and not for human consumption.


Should you choose to consume the forbidden fruit pills, you would not need more than one pill per day of the love awakening program.


Who should not consume the forbidden fruit: pregnant women, children, anyone allergic to fungi. Please use your internal guidance system to determine whether the forbidden fruit is right for you.


Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot deliver the love awakening pack to the following countries: Australia, Thailand, Romania, The Netherlands.

Love Awakening Envelope

  • We do not accept returns and do not issue refunds. If you have taken the love awakening program and followed the simple steps yet have not experienced a love awakening, it means you still have some healing to do. We recommend you take our self-healing course and then doing the love awakening program again.

  • Delivery to UK addresses: Free, 1st Class, 1-3 working days.

    Delivery to Other Countries: Free, 1st Class Tracked, Please allow up to 10 working days.

    Love Has Won accepts no responsibility for any delays or issues with your order as a result of customs controls.

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