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"WOW! Just from the first day of the love awakening I felt an incredibly powerful energy take over me, which I now know is love. It spread throughout my body and my body was shaking for a while in an incredible way. I realised what my big purpose here on Earth is. By the end, I couldn't stop myself from repeating out loud that "Love Has Won"! Even since doing the program, love has continued to grow within me and significant changes have been taking place in my life. Thank you thank you thank you!"


Are the forbidden fruit pills safe to consume?

Yes, the forbidden fruit pills are completely safe to consume. However, we recommend pregnant women, children, and those with fungal allergies do not take the pills. Please use your internal guidance system to check that these pills are right for you.

Are the forbidden fruit pills legal?

The pills are completely legal to consume in all countries apart from Romania, The Netherlands, Thailand and Australia. However, for us to be able to legally deliver these pills to you, we have taken measures such as telling you that our intention to deliver these pills to you is for decorative purposes only, to tell you that these pills are memorabilia for the matrix films, and the pills are not what you are paying for as they are a free gift.

What is in the forbidden fruit pills?

The forbidden fruit pills contain a powerful blend of sacred herbs, flowers and fruits, the recipe of which has been shared to us by Love in order to trigger this global awakening of love. However, we have been instructed not to share the recipe of the pills to protect the population from those who would sell harmful counterfeits.

What is the purpose of the forbidden fruit pills?

The forbidden fruit pills are what allow you to receive a large amount of love into your being in a short space of time. This love will cleanse out anything within you that is blocking this love from encompassing your whole being so that you can have your love awakening. 

Will I be able to do the love awakening program alongside my daily work, childcare & driving duties?

Yes, this program doesn't hinder your ability to carry out your daily duties, and it only requires 1 hour per day of your time. Once you have watched the day's video, you will be able to drive and function normally. However, it is highly recommended to relax as much as possible during, and for a few days after, the program in order to allow yourself to receive, integrate and process everything. You will not have your love awakening if you are constantly busy during and after the program.

Will I definitely have a love awakening if I do the program?

Yes, those who are ready (and by this we mean those who have worked on healing themselves for a while) will definitely have their love awakening after completing the program. The only uncertainty is when. The love awakening program will bring to the surface anything that is getting in the way of your love awakening, and all these blocks will be processed when you allow yourself time to relax. Then, once all blocks have been processed, you will experience your love awakening. For those that have almost no blocks, you will experience your love awakening immediately. For those who have not yet started their healing journey, or who have only just started, we recommend you take our self-healing course first, which will sufficiently prepare you to undertake the love awakening program. 

How long will the effects of the love awakening last?

The effects will actually continue to grow after the love awakening program as long as you follow the guidance given. Even if you only felt a small effect during the program, don't worry as this is only the start, and the effects will continue to increase from now on. Doing the love awakening program will help you become aware of what is blocking you from experiencing a love awakening, and once you remove those blocks, your love awakening will happen. This program simply jump starts your awakening, and it is up to you to continually feed the flame of love within your heart which wants to continue to grow.

Will the love awakening envelope get confiscated at customs?

The contents of the envelope are legal and so should not be confiscated at customs. International orders will be tracked so you know exactly where your envelope is.

How long will it take for the envelope to arrive to me?

For orders within the UK, please allow up to 3 working days. For orders from any other country, please allow up to 10 working days.

Why have I started feeling pains/uncomfortable sensations since doing the love awakening program?

The love that you have opened yourself up to receive as a result of doing the program is gradually cleansing your whole being from any denseness and negative vibrations so that you can become a pure and clear channel of Love, and this cleansing can sometimes cause temporary discomfort. If discomfort arises, we recommend you relax and allow yourself to feel this discomfort, breathe through it, and it will eventually pass. The more you resist it, the longer the discomfort will last.

If I have a question, how do I contact you?

You can contact us by using the contact form below.

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